Venetian polished plaster is a textured wall covering.

It was named after its use in Venice, but the material has been around since the days of Ancient Egypt. It is meant to look like natural stone with marble effects and is actually a combination of marble dust, lime and pigments.


Several layers have to be applied and burnished with special trowels to reveal all the tones and the depth of its beautiful mineral aspect.

The burnishing will also create a unique smooth and polished surface.

The final aspect can be natural or glossy, and the surface can be waxed.

Once protected, the Venetian polished plaster can be used in wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

KOUBI DESIGN creates and manufactures it's own authentic lime polished plaster :

the beautiful grassello lucidato, the classic Marmorino (medium and coarse)

are made with the finest matured lime putty, marble powder and 100% natural ingredients.


Without any synthetic additives, like acrylic, our venetian polished plaster is more flexible, smoother, softer to the touch and far more resistant and durable.



The different finishes

Grassello lustro

Highly polished plaster for a luxurious glossy finish.

For internal use


Fine marmorino

Smooth polished plaster, with subtle variations of tones.

For both internal and external use.

Coarse marmorino

 Lightly polished plaster with a more grainy appearance to achieve burred and marbleised effects.



Rugged appearance to create the appearance and feel of lightly polished limestone.


Rugged and grainy semi-polished plaster with 

striations of texture running through the surface to give the allure  of natural stone.


Subtle stone-like effect which has a light open texture and a directional quality similar to that of natural travertine stone.

Custom finishes

Original and unique in order to create your desired finish. 

Grey lucidato  - Outdoor

The show room

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The courtyard


We are happy to welcome you at our show room /studio,

where it is possible to see the wide range of our finishes.

You will be able to touch and feel the different lime polished plasters that we are presenting.

You will have a better understanding about lime itself and its unique propierties:

our 100 % natural lime polished plaster will allow the substrates to breathe and won't retain the moisture and due to its high PH no mould or fungus will appear.


The lime polished plaster, is not only natural, eco friendly and healthy for your walls...It is also beautiful and allows to create endless finishes.

At Koubi Design, we only create bespoke and unique finishes with only natural materials and pigments, and we will tailor them for you to choose the finish you desire, whatever it is for an internal or an external project.

We carry out residential and commercial projects throughout the UK and internationally.


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Lucidato band 

Lustro  -Mirror finish-

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