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Lucem Stone

LucemStone ® 

The LucemStone® terrazzo is a high-grade mineral concrete formulated using the AdLucem® mortar base enriched with various aggregates including marble, granite, quartz, and semi-precious stones.

This product not only replicates the aesthetic of polished decorative concrete but also enhances it with the mortar's superior adhesion properties, enabling exceptionally secure applications at thicknesses of 12 or 16 mm.

▷ The factory pre-mixing and the industrialisation of LucemStone® guarantee the result.

▷ Long working time of 2hrs at 20 degrees to avoid overlapping.

▷ Suitable for use with reversible underfloor heating.


▷ With over 200 references, the LucemStone® range represents an unmatched choice.

The advantages of using the LUCEM Stone ® 

Ad Lucem has created a terrazzo system that comes in standard pre-coloured bags with premixed aggregates. The preparation simply involves mixing the provided resin with the material, which is already pre-dosed for you.

Thanks to an extended working time, it offers excellent workability. The rapid increase in hardness permits grinding and polishing of the surface just 72 hours later.

The adhesion properties and low thickness allow for a totally seamless finish without the need for splitting joints or expansion gaps! Only the existing expansion gaps will need to be brought back to the surface.

Creativity under control :

Its industrial production ensures the perfect calibration of aggregates and colour control of the mortar bases, providing reliable consistency in results across construction sites.

2 different thicknesses :

* The Lucem Stone ® contains aggregates of 16 mm for the larger ones.
   The Terrazzo is around 12 mm thick once ground and polished.

* The Lucem Stone ® " Alla Genovese" contains aggregates of 12 mm for the larger ones.
   The Terrazzo is around 10 mm thick once ground and polished.

Surface protection :

Surface protection is enhanced when the grout and densifier are applied, resulting in a perfectly sealed surface. A specially designed water and oil repellent completes the protection, safeguarding against stains.


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