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AdLucem® developed a 2 part microcement mortar - the LucemChoc® - which is much thinner than a conventional concrete layer (2 mm instead of 4 cm).

Due to its exceptional bonding properties, it can be applied over most substrates (new or old), on floors, walls and furniture.

It can also be applied on very large areas without junctions, creating beautiful seamless surfaces.


The LucemChoc® is available in 90 premixed colours, which saves time and ensures consistency during the application.

Exceptional finishes

The LucemChoc® is very versatile and many finishes can be obtained with various tools.

As an optional finish AdLucem® also developed the "Lucem Liss", a thin paste applied on top of the microcement to give an exceptional smooth finish with soft and subtle patterns


Once protected with our sealants, the LucemChoc® microcement is very easy to clean and maintain.

Waterproof, it is the ideal material to be applied in wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens etc..

The different finishes

Polished and waxed



travertine effect




stone effect

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