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The leading manufacturer of Terrazzo finishes

Terrazzo is making a great come back!

In response to growing demand from applicators and designers, Ad Lucem has innovated a new terrazzo system.

This system utilises a special microcement mortar, enriched with marble, granite, or glass aggregates, allowing for coatings ranging from 6 to 16 mm thick.

It is specifically formulated to have a longer working time to prevent overlaps.

The application process has been greatly simplified through the use of pre-mixed colours and aggregates, all provided in pre-packed kits to ensure uniformity.

Our Terrazzo can be applied to a wide range of substrates and is capable of covering extensive areas without the need for expansion joints.

Grinding and polishing processes are streamlined compared to traditional methods, resulting in quicker execution and a superior polish.


Explore the universe of the "Lucem Choc" system, which seamlessly blends the refined aesthetics of polished stones with the sophisticated techniques of the mineral mortars that bind them.

This innovative solution achieves a balanced harmony endowed with timeless elegance.

It features an extensive palette of colours, including the exclusive brilliance of semi-precious stones.



Discover the "Lucem Star", a micro-terrazzo known for its delicate finesse. Made with small-sized aggregates, it offers a sleek and refined design.

It's more than just a surface; it's a sensory experience that blends Ad Lucem's expert techniques with the pure joy of design.

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