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Premixed colours with mineral pigments

A bespoke aesthetic

AdLucem® made the choice of using exclusively mineral pigments for tinting their microcement.
Pigments offer a wide range of natural shades, from subtle nuances to bright colours, allowing for aesthetic customisation without ever compromising the structural integrity of the microcement.

Premixed colours

Using premixed colours guarantees consistency across various buckets on large projects. Additionally, supplying the colours in powder form helps to reduce waste; only the required amount is used, and any remaining material can be stored for future use.

Stable colours

Thanks to meticulously selected pigments, the colours are stable over time and are highly resistant to UV and weathering. 

Systematic quality control

The production techniques and the control of the coloured materials ensure reproducibility of the colours from one batch to another, in the tolerance zone fixed by our colourists.

Colour match

Custom colours available on request.

LucemChoc® 90 premixed colours

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