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KOUBI DESIGN is the sole distributor for the UK of AD LUCEM, French manufacturer of microcement. 

Microcement floors installed by Koubi design

A millimetric option

Microcement appeared and became very popular in France under the name of " Beton cire" which means waxed concrete, and it is in France where Dimitri Koubi started to apply microcement 16 years ago.

KOUBI DESIGN's microcement has been developed by a french manufacturer - AD LUCEM -  to create this look and appearance of natural polished waxed concrete.

The traditional polished concrete

The traditional polished concrete is a concrete mortar which has a coloured overlay with hardeners.

This type of floor is not always adapted for modern buildings and rarely suitable for renovation because it need enough thickness to be installed.

It also takes time to be installed and as it is a finished floor, the main issue for keeping it protected during the building work allow it to be installed at the end of the building work only.

The mottled aspect of the polished concrete has been very well imitated by microcement which are only a few millimetres thick. 

Technical mortars

 Ad Lucem developed with "technique beton" a microcement mortar - The Lucem Choc- which is thinner than a conventional concrete ( 2 mm instead of 4 cm).

Therefore, and because of its exceptionnal bonding properties, it can be applied over most existing substrates and it is possible 

to lay it on top of existing tiles and most other substrates, without having to break or remove them.

The finish, smooth or textured, can be polished or left matt, and is available in a wide range of premixed colours, which saves time and ensures consistency.

Exceptional finishes

As an optional finish Ad Lucem also developed the " Lucem Liss" a thin paste applied on top of the microcement which gives an exceptional smooth finish with very low and subtle patterns.

The microcement is only a part of a full system in which the protection can be the weak point.

Ad Lucem developed an industrial partnership with V33. Their laboratories worked in a venture with Technique Beton to protect our mortars and created the Lucem Protect Sealant which is the varnish offering the best protection against abrasion and stains.


Microcement  offers a wide range of decorative possibilities.

Walls, floors and also furniture (worktops, tables, etc...) can be covered.

It is the new material of choice for designers, and it is popping up in retail stores, trendy restaurants, offices and homes everywhere.


Our microcement is very easy to clean and maintain. Waterproof, it is the ideal material to be applied in wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens etc..

The different finishes

polished and waxed

semi polished





travertine effect

stone effect

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