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LUCEM Stone ® System

The Lucem Stone ® Terrazzo system is a mineral concrete coating developed by Ad Lucem made of its microcement bases combined with various aggregates (marble, granite, quartz, glasses etc..).

The aspect is the one of a polished concrete with exposed aggregates which benefit of the adhesive properties of microcement. It allows to be applied at the thickness of the larger aggregates of the mix : 16 mm at the most.

The advantages of using the LUCEM Stone ® System :

Thanks to an extended working time, it allows a very good workability.Then, when it starts to set, the very quick increase of hardness and adhesion allows the grinding of the surface 72 hours after the application of the material.

The adhesion properties and the low thickness makes it possible to avoid splitting joints or expansion gaps for a totally seamless finish ! Only the junctions already present on the substrate will have to be brought back to the surface.

Ad lucem created a terrazzo as a system which comes in standard pre-coloured bags with premixed aggregates. The preparation only consist in mixing the resin provided with the material which is then  already coloured and already dosed for you.

2 different thicknesses :

The Lucem Stone ® Terrazzo comes in two systems :

The Lucem Stone ® 16 which contains aggregates which are 16 mm for the larger ones.

The product is around 12 mm thick once ground and polished.

The Lucem Stone ® 12 which contains aggregates which are 12 mm for the larger ones.

The product is around 10 mm thick once ground and polished.

Technical recognition :

The extraordinary properties of the product opened the doors of the validation of the system by the ATEx (2581 V1) delivered by the French official authority CSTB in June 2018. This document validates the entire application procedures and authorises its installation in premises classed as U4 P4 E2 C2 following French classifications and standards for floors.

Surface protection :

The surface protection is ensured by the stages during when the grouting and densifier are applied, allowing the surface to be perfectly closed. A specially designed water and oil repellent completes the protection against stains.

Creativity under control :

Its industrial production allows the perfect control of the composition of the aggregates and the colours of the mortar bases. The reliability for both colours and calibration of the aggregates gives you consistent results on construction sites.

Unmatched sustainability :

Because it is made of multiple hard aggregates, the Terrazzo can easily be restored even many years after its installation. The grinding, sanding and  grouting operations allows spectacular renovations.

Terrazzo is one of the most ancient types of floors originally made during the antique Greece era.

At the time lime was used instead of cement but like the old terrazzo floors of Venice, once renovated they will look like new again.

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