"Lucem Stone"

The granito, makes a great come back !!  AD LUCEM has decided to modernize it....

To meet the demand of applicators and prescribers, AD LUCEM developed a thin granito , the LUCEM STONE.

Marble aggregates are incorporated and stabilized in the mortar to provide a coating from 3 up to 16  millimeters thickness after sanding, for which the decorative solutions are multiple.

The application is pretty simple, due to the pre-mixed colours and aggregates. The additon of a self levelling resin in the mix makes it easier to install and the long drying time avoids overlaps.

The Lucem Stone can be applied over anhydrite substrates and virtually avoids the need of expantion gaps.


The grinding and polishing phases are similar to the ones done for any terrazzo, but even quicker and better.



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