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LUCEM Stone ® System



The Lucem Stone ® Terrazzo system can be applied to most horizontal and vertical substrates with techniques adapted for each configuration

Floors :

The performance of the material allows its installation in any type of premises, residential or commercial and public places such as hospitals, museums etc..

The adhesion of the system and its low thickness avoids the necessity of using expansion joints. Those present in the substrate must be brought back to the surface though. They can be underlined by inserting metal beads or by sawing the Lucem Stone which will be filled with an epoxy resin of the same colour to make the junctions very discreet.

The Lucem Stone is also suitable for underfloor heating. A heating test must always have been performed prior to the installation.

The ease of maintenance with dedicated equipment allows to maintain its exceptional aesthetic appearance even in very heavy traffic areas.


The Terrazzo is commonly used for floors but it can also be used for walls and even for staircases.

This can be done with precast Terrazzo elements done off site. These elements will then be adjusted and fitted on site. It is also possible to apply the Lucem stone on vertical surfaces on site but this option makes the grinding and sanding processes more tedious.

Furniture :

The making of furniture with the Lucem stone is similar to the technique of precast concrete with the use of vibrating tables, sawing tables etc.. The Lucem Stone allows you to create thin layers which makes it a magnificent material to create beautiful furniture.

Outside :

The Lucem stone is perfectly suited for being applied outdoors, on top of a concrete slab or a cement screed. However it will be important to not overdo the polishing to keep an acceptable slip resistance when it rains.

For residential outdoors areas, give a particular attention to the external slabs as it often happens that they are not made with the same care as the internal ones.

Remember that the cracks appearing on the substrates will create disorders on the Terrazzo itself.

A diagnosis of the existing substrate is essential before the installation of the Lucem Stone.

The Lucem stone will behave and age, outdoors, like any mineral coating. A penetrating oil and water repellent should be used and renewed regularly to ensure an effective protection.

Restoration :

The special properties of the Lucem Stone and the expertise of Ad Lucem in terms of colouring allows you to restore the floors easily to their original shine.

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