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Lucem Stone Granito 


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Nautic centre of Lyon- France

The floor of the restaurant has been entirely coated with the Lucem stone Granito.

The Iceberg colour has been chosen, with a 12-16 mm size of aggregates.

Highly polished finish

The floor, over 170 m2, has been installed without expantion joints due to the properties of the Lucem Stone.

The video of the application process is available on the granito video link.

Retail- Marseille - France

Floor and steps installation made with the Lucem stone in the colour Bulle /10 in 12 -16 mm size of aggregates.

Semi polished finish

Party Hall. Marsanney la cote

Floor installation made with the Lucem stone in the colour Vert-Des-Alpes/ 12 in 12- 16 mm size of aggregates.


The application video is available on the granito video link

Various applications

Different installations of Lucem Stone Granito.

from floors to furniture, steps etc..

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