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Floors with a clean seamless style

Originally reserved for industrial floors, polished concrete and microcement have been applied for some years in our interiors. Full-fledged finish such as tiles or parquet, it seduces with its smooth and mineral appearance and its versatility which make it possible to be applied onto most surfaces.

" Le comptoir du The "

Installed by Resinovsol

Mediatheque of St Uze

Installed by Appli Chape

Mediatheque of St Uze

Installed by Appli Chape

Installed by Ambiance Sud

Installed by Deco Beton

Installed by Resinovsol

Installed by concrete design

Installed by Compagnons carreleurs associes

Installed by "l'Ateleier Marinka"

Installed by Koubi Design

Alaïa Cannes (France)

Installed by Koubi Design

A multitude of possible substrates

Microcement mortars have been designed for being used on mineral substrates such as concrete slabs and mortar screeds . On these types of substrates the adhesion is exceptional.

The Ad Lucem microcement is suitable for both traditional and anhydrite screeds. The surface cohesion of these screeds after sanding and careful vacuuming must be checked before the application of the microcement.

The microcement is also perfectly suitable for underfloor heating as far the thickness of the screed is respected and a preheating has been carried out previously.

Perfectly suitable on existing tiles , microcement allows, in renovation, a relatively light intervention without demolition. The preparation of the substrates is essential but simple and efficient with the use of water based products .


The hardness and adhesion of the mortar makes it follow the movements of the substrate.

Therefore, if the substrate opens or cracks the microcement will follow and crack itself.

To prevent it, an analysis of the quality of the substrate and the adapted preparations are mandatory.

Surface protection and maintenance

Surface protection is provided by the , a bi-component in aqueous-phase polycarbonate sealer that is extremely scratch and abrasion resistant. This varnish is not sensitive to water and can be used to protect common floors but also bathrooms. A unique protection for the whole house.

Smooth surface = easy maintenance

The perfectly closed surface of AD LUCEM microcement avoids clogging and facilitates floor maintenance.

AD LUCEM offers a range of cleaners suitable for maintaining the floors and the varnish that protects them.

See our maintenance recommendations downloadable from the technical support page

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